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Where To Go 2024 03


Where to Go in 2024

Seven places you will want to see next year.

DH Journal Teaser Where To Go In Autumn


Where to Go in Late Autumn

To help you get inspired, we asked the most curious of travelers from our team where they’re headed.

Journal Article Monastic 01


Seven Hotels That Help You Switch Off

As the weather cools in the global north, we bring you a roundup of hotels with bare-bones aesthetics that help you grasp the vastness of one’s own solitude.

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Seven Happy Memphis Design Hotels

We heart the devil-may-care punchy, pop colored, abstract, and graphic style of the boundary-pushing postmodernist group from the 1980s.

Microsoftteams Image (17)


A Midcentury Eastern European Odyssey in Five Chairs

What makes for good design? Find out with architect Piotr Wisniewski of weStudio, the multidisciplinary creative firm behind the cōmodo hotel.

Teaser Brutalist Article


Six Brutalist Beauties in Asia

Reinforced concrete and the barebone aesthetics of this style come together with a lush tropical landscape.

Nostalgia Culture Teaser


15 Hotels High on Nostalgia

What does travel nostalgia mean to you? Is it going back in time to another era or revisiting favorite childhood haunts?

BP The Good Traveler Header

Conscious Future

The Good Traveler

The good traveler is a considerate and respectful traveler who moves with the lightest of steps possible and equips both mind and body for their journeys. Here’s a mental packing list that we intend to keep working on, as best we can, one step at a time...

01 Where To Go In 2023 KV


Where to Go in 2023

This year we invite you to dream, to give yourself time in a destination, and to revel in the joy that comes when we connect to a new land.



Star Light, Star Bright

Good lighting creates an atmosphere that warms us from within. Great lighting not only makes us feel good but also defines the space it occupies. Here is our long list of standout lights from our hotels around the world.

Microsoftteams Image (117)


Edible Masterpieces

Tantalizing temptations that our hotels create with such originality that you’ll be left savoring the taste long after you’ve gone.

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Seven Autumn Destinations to Fall For

Where to go to ponder fiery foliage, savor the season’s bounty, and above all cherish a contemplative silence to tend to one’s inner garden.

Conscious Future

Ethical Ecotourism: What to Engage With and What to Avoid

From safaris to conservation experiences, engaging with wildlife—especially the captive kind—carries a responsibility to ensure our presence is positive for the animals and their environment.

04 DH Where To Go


Where to Go Late Summer

To help you get inspired, we asked the inveterate travelers of Design Hotels where they’re headed.

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