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TGT Christian Naehtler 05

Conscious Future

Travel Regeneratively

After four weeks of respite and hard work on a South African permaculture farm, German-Canadian writer Christian Näthler shares his lessons on permaculture, climate anxiety, and whether we need another Anthropause for nature to heal.

02 TGT Demi Anter

Conscious Future

Leave Your Baggage Behind

A poem and accompanying essay by Demi Anter on letting go of a romantic relationship and finding contentment in the small things.

02 TGT Gary Bencheghib

Conscious Future

Think Holistically

French filmmaker and environmentalist Gary Bencheghib lives by the motto, “no idea that protects the planet is crazy.” We chatted with him about his journey fighting plastic pollution one river at a time.

06 TGT Katie Mcknoulty

Conscious Future

Slow Down

After years as a digital nomad, writer and photographer Katie McKnoulty spends a summer in a small town in Le Marche, Italy, learning how to travel—and live—more slowly along the way.

Juliet Kinsman (1)

Conscious Future

Travel with Humility and Respect

Much time is spent considering how to talk about about kinder, greener, more ethical travel, says Juliet Kinsman. In this essay, the writer and travel expert explores why “respectful” travel should be the way forward.

BP The Good Traveler Header

Conscious Future

The Good Traveler

The good traveler is a considerate and respectful traveler who moves with the lightest of steps possible and equips both mind and body for their journeys. Here’s a mental packing list that we intend to keep working on, as best we can, one step at a time...

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