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Mud Wellness in Napa Valley


Words Vidula KotianDate 28 March 2022

As far as wellness credentials go, Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs has one dating back to 1952 when the original pioneering health center wowed Calistoga with its signature mud treatments. Our newest member hotel in Napa Valley strikes a balance between its nostalgic past— the original exterior sign remains—and integrated modern touches such as Google Nest and wireless keys.

Sitting on the northernmost part of Napa Valley between rolling hills, Dr. Wilkinson’s has the kind of iconic views that have made this corner of California so beloved.

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In the hotel backyard, comfortable seating with firepits provide the perfect perch from which to take in the majestic mountains sloping down to a sun-dappled valley. Other highlights include tree swings, hammocks, oversized lawn games, the spa garden, two pools, and the House of Better restaurant helmed by resident star Trevor Logan.

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The restaurant serves up fresh Southwestern-inspired cuisine with a wellness slant and encourages diners to eat outdoors on the bold colorful seating area under the expansive covered patio or in the backyard. While nature is the best therapy, the midcentury rooms add to the wellness experience with essential oil diffusers, pathway triple filtered water, apothecary minibars in the bathrooms, signature bath products, and gorgeous clawfoot tubs in the spa cottages.

A connection to Calistoga is seen throughout the property: local artists are highlighted with stunning murals including original mosaics by wellness pioneer Edy Wilkinson. Calistoga mud, which has drawn visitors from all over the world, is the signature treatment in the spa. The full-service spa menu features an extensive line of skincare and wellness products for at home self-care. Of course, no stay in the Valley would be complete without wine tastings at the world-renowned wineries nearby.

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