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Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 001

Painting by Evan Fugazzi for Inhabit


The Design Diaries
-Anne T. Rogers

Design Diaries

Date 25 August 2021

In an age where experience culture is on the rise, Anne T. Rogers’ work is ever more prescient.

The founder of art and innovation consultancy Culture A, Rogers curates collections and experiences for a range of clients from hotels to luxury retail and residential. Her work focusses on “art as visual storytelling, and visual storytelling is a key component to experience design,” she says. “Looking at art encourages discussion, individual interpretation, and personal connection. How many other consumer goods spark such freedom of expression?”

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 003

Miya Ando Landscape-inspired painting at Inhabit Southwick Street

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 002

Lani Trock Symbiosis, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, 2016

For Inhabit Southwick Street, a London sanctuary with a commitment to wellness, Rogers and her team did a deep dive into research around wellness, urban oasis, color psychology, and nature in the capital. The thoughtful artwork selected blends naturally in the metropolis’ first mindful hotel. We had a brief chat with this innovator who loves experimenting with AI-generated art.

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 004

Anne T. Rogers Potrait by Astrid Van Sterkenberg

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 005

Amanda Betz Commissioned work for Inhabit Southwick Street

“The biggest challenge is understanding the space’s proportions and how best to hang art in relation to those proportions. You really need to consider the height of the walls and where your eye instinctively goes when you scan a room. Those areas are the key visual points, but people often ignore them in favor of thinking art MUST always hang on the largest walls, for example.”


Art historian and experience strategist


To position art as an experience as well as an investment.

What You Didn’t Know

She’s working on a project with Lisa Talia Moretti–a digital sociologist and lecturer, who studies what emerges at the interface of media, social life, and technology—on creating new visuals around artificial intelligence for stock imagery and other purposes. The duo responded to a rising need to think about AI outside the notion of science fiction and make it more relatable in the mass media. 

Design Hotels Member

Inhabit Southwick Street

What do you love most about your work?

The constant search and discovery of new talent across different cultures and backgrounds.

Is there a project you’re particularly proud of? Why?

I recently finished a series of AI-generated artworks entitled Meditative Landscapes, which will be installed at the upcoming second London property from Inhabit Hotels. It was an experimental project to create branded artwork, training an algorithm on open access images that fit the vision and aesthetic of the hotel. It taught me new ways of working between art and tech, exploring the balance between human creativity and machine creativity.

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 006

Meditative Landscapes Number 7

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 007

Meditative Landscapes Number 4

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 008

Meditative Landscapes Number 2

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

I strategize an art experience from the mindset of a curator and a UX researcher. How do people want to engage with art? This is as true for art consultancy with clients building private collections, as it is in my work to place art in hotels, property developments, and retail stores. I develop criteria and curatorial themes for each project to help organize my sourcing. Then I research, do studio visits, scour auctions, and present art options according to the client brief. I also focus on installation management, as how well the art ultimately looks in the space depends on a lot of factors such as lighting or hanging equipment.

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 009

Culture A studio Moodboard for Inhabit Southwick Street

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 010

Rogers in the studio Portrait by Marc Haers

Do you see yourself as a dreamer or a realist?

Dreamer. I grew up on a beautiful farm in Kentucky where my imagination developed from a place of safety and space. I try to keep that sense of freedom—sometimes it makes me restless, but mostly it keeps me flexible to change and opportunity.

What was your vision for Inhabit Hotel?

I wanted guests to engage in a multidisciplinary art experience that celebrated Inhabit’s mission, London sensibility, and Scandinavian style. I developed ideas based on research around wellness, color psychology, and biophilia, creating curatorial themes to match the brand’s vision

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 011

Culture A Moodboard for the rooms at Inhabit Southwick Street


Do you have any recent cultural discoveries that you would like to share?

Mexican artist Gabriel Rosas Aléman’s form and figure paintings and French artist Camille Rousseau’s abstract flora/fauna paintings, one of which will feature in the second London property from Inhabit Hotels.

You work with a wide range of clients. Are there any through lines that run through your work?

Experience and visual storytelling are connecting themes throughout my work. I aim to source and install artwork that goes beyond the decorative and sparks deeper engagement for whoever experiences it.

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 013

Amanda Betz Paper art

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 012 Update

Camille Rousseau Commission for upcoming Inhabit hotel

When do you feel most productive?

Around 10:30 AM. By this time, I’ve gone out for a short walk, had a coffee, answered early emails, and figured out the day’s workflow.

What are your dreams for the future?

Design a home for my past, present, and future art collection.

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 014

Sculpture by Amy Dov

Walking or flying?
Round or angular?
Sunset or sunrise?
Landscaped or Zen garden?

Who is/are your sustainability hero/es?

For interior design: Harth, Carl Hansen & Son, and Goldfinger. For fashion: Caterina Occhio, founder and CEO of SeeMe. For finance: Olga Miler, founder of Smartpurse.

What have you changed in your life in the past year to be more sustainable?

On the whole, my lifestyle has become more sustainable since living in Amsterdam. The Netherlands emphasizes eco-friendly and circular economy measures, so when you integrate into the culture, you naturally adopt many aspects of the lifestyle: cycling, power via wind energy, recycled packaging, etc. In the past year, my sourcing and production approach has been more sustainable. For the new opening from Inhabit Hotels, I looked for eco-friendly artists using natural or reusable materials. These included UK-based makers Knottinger, Smile Plastics, and Freya Bramble Carter.

What do you think is the future of travel? 

Slow and considered travel. Longer, less rushed trips. I think tourists will want their holidays to be more personal: how to get the most out of the culture, the food, the experience outside the clichés.

Design Diaries Anne T Rogers 015

Ceramics by Freya Bramble Carter

Black & white or color?
Spotify or LP?
Vertical or horizontal?

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