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15 Hotels High on Nostalgia

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01 Nostalgia Travel (1)

Words Vidula KotianDate 17 March 2023

Far from a mere lens on nostalgia and the romantic past, these hotels make a passionate case for resuscitating the cult of discovery as a driving force for travel today.

For some, travel nostalgia is about going to bygone times to experience living in another era, while for others, it is about reliving their own past, traveling to places where they once lived or vacationed as children. We, therefore, give you many options, from a midcentury modern aesthetic, a Gothic historical archival building, or a more contemporary take on Americana, among others.

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03 Nostalgia Travel

From 1952 Dr. Wilkinson's original signage

Romance of times past

An iconic spa resort from the 1950s, the reinvented Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs strikes a skillful balance between retro and modern with original mosaics and midcentury furnishings. True to the resort’s nostalgic spirit, a replica of the original wellness pioneer Dr. Wilkinson’s 1952 Buick is parked at the entrance.

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04 Nostalgia Travel

Troutbeck The L-shaped structure was constructed in 1919



Take a trip to an Old-World upcountry homestead from 1919 in the bucolic hamlet of Amenia, New York. Troutbeck is a reactivated country estate with neatly manicured garden paths sprawled throughout and interiors featuring oak paneling, wood-burning limestone fireplaces, and hand-hewn beams. From around the same time, Satoyama Jujo delivers an authentic old-fashioned Japanese experience within its 150-year-old walls where cedar wood and tatami grass flooring privide a glimpse into the Niigata region’s architectural heritage, while its restaurant offers unique tastes only found here.

06 Nostalgia Travel

Satoyama Jujo Traditional Japanese elements mix with modern pieces by the likes of Arne Jacobsen, Isamu Noguchi, and Charles & Ray Eames

The best description of nostalgia was offered by Marcel Proust who explained how eating a Madeleine cake triggered a cascade of powerful sensory associations and warm memories of childhood.

07 Nostalgia Travel

Tsingpu Tulou An interior courtyard where guests can dine on local Hakka food

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08B Nostalgia Travel

Steeped in history

Inspired by the traditional Chinese courtyard and pavilion waterscape, Tsingpu Tulou Retreat, in the Fujian province, comprises five classical tulou structures—centuries-old earthen buildings. Also ancient are the abandoned caves in Southern Italy that house Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita. Preserving the existing architecture and local aesthetic, the hotel’s 18 impeccable rooms integrate traditional design with a minimum of contemporary luxury amenities.

09 Nostalgia Travel

The Qvest A veritable design museum with pieces such as Gubi Olsen's Grand Piano sofa

10 Nostalgia Travel

Neo-gothicism meets modern Eames chair sit comfortably next to Gothic windows



Nostalgia is derived from the Greek words “nostos” and “algos”, which roughly translate to homecoming pain.

11 Nostalgia Travel

Chateau de la Resle Where antiques and contemporary art are at home

12 Nostalgia Travel

17th-century manor Château de la Resle sits amid two hectares of landscaped gardens

Over in Cologne, The Qvest is an ode to neo-Gothicism and midcentury design. Think cross-vault ceilings, original stucco, and Gothic windows juxtaposed with iconic furniture by Eames, Panton, Jacobsen, and more. In France’s renowned Burgundy region, Château de la Resle is an ivy-wrapped 17th-century manor house whose original architectural features provide the perfect foil to a museum-worthy collection of contemporary art. The château sits on the edge of an 800-hectare hunting forest and is close to Roman-era wine villages. 

13 Nostalgia Travel

The House Hotel Old Tbilisi Sports the city’s classic architectural look

14 Nostalgia Travel

Town Hall Hotel A grand piece of Edwardian architecture



Delightfully retro

In the heart of the Georgian capital’s charming Old Town, The House Hotel Old Tbilisi is located in a historical building once on the verge of demolition. The hotel presents the city’s classic architectural look, defined by beautiful wooden balconies, old woodwork, and inviting terraces. In London’s East End, Town Hall Hotel is a beautifully restored period property that has been transformed into a hybrid of contemporary and Edwardian design. 

15 Nostalgia Travel

G-Rough Showcases an unconventional “Made in Italy” concept of luxury

16 Nostalgia Travel

Italian modern Classic 1950s furnishings abound

17 Nostalgia Travel

Maison Couturier Bright and airy spaces feature charming antique details

18 Nostalgia Travel

Torre de Palma Wine Hotel A mix of elegant furniture and quirky knickknacks

Fernweh is about feeling nostalgia about places you’ve never been: "When attached to somewhere unknown, travel nostalgia can be an insightful lens into how we perceive ourselves as well as who or what we want to be…"

Sarah Leigh Bannerman



Tucked away in a 17th-century palazzo, G-Rough blends Baroque grandeur and a rough-yet-refined vibe to create a poetic mix of contemporary nostalgic luxury. Moving on to the 19th-century in the tropics of Veracruz, Mexico, Maison Couturier offers you the best of Mexican and French traditions combined in an agricultural estate built by French immigrants. In Portugal, erected from the remains of a house dating from 1338, Torre de Palma Wine Hotel maintains architectural allegiance to the region, adding quirky details to the interiors to give it a distinctive look. For a quintessentially modern British vibe look no further than the Firmdale Hotels whose charming London and New York properties will wow you with their bold mix of colors and prints, and a delightful penchant for detail. Lastly, startle your senses in Provence amid sublime furniture and art at Les Andéols. Each of the hotel’s 19 villas has its own unique character, such as Maison Amoureux, where Eero Koivisto’s bright-red Avalon sofa comes alive against gray concrete walls.

20 Nostalgia Travel

The Soho Hotel, Firmdale Hotels A experiment in mix and match

19 Nostalgia Travel

Covent Garden Hotel, Firmdale Hotels English design mixed with contemporary accents

21 Nostalgia Travel 2

Les Andeols Each of the villas has a distinct aesthetic

22 Nostalgia Travel

Maison Amoureux Eero Koivisto’s Avalon sofa takes center stage

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