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Directions Magazine: A New Hedonism

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Over the last few years, new communities and cultural offerings have flourished, breathing fresh energy and diversity into our social and travel landscapes. We started asking: Who are the people that are powering up their communities? What does it mean to live well, and to still make responsible choices? After long periods of unending challenges, what are we all seeking?

Our latest edition of Directions Magazine is an ode to pleasure, exploring answers to these questions and more. Pleasure is about finding joy in the smallest things, but it goes beyond wellness and self-fulfillment. It focuses on the people and places around the world responding to change with intentional practices and projects: we celebrate them and their achievements. The theme of celebration felt especially relevant given it’s our 30th anniversary year.

“If seeking pleasure is fundamentally human, vital for our existence, is it possible to undertake the pursuit in a responsible way that is in tune with our values?” 

Rosie Flanagan

As Rosie Flanagan writes in the opening pages, “through making our quest for pleasure conscious, travel can engender mutual flourishing, becoming an act that nurtures not only the self, but others and the earth.” This beautiful piece unpacks our philosophy of a new kind of hedonism: one that explores how we can reconcile our natural quest for joy with accountability towards conscious travel. 

Through this lens of responsible hedonism, we look at the intersection of design thinking, architecture, travel, new communities, and pleasure. 

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We put a spotlight on some unique destinations at the forefront of shifting norms, and uncover some creative Berliners making waves in their chosen artistry, both locally and in the mountain community of Bad Gastein. In “The Splendor of the Balkans” we take a road trip through Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro with writer Gisela Williams—unearthing local wonders along the way. And in our destination story, we travel to the Indonesian island of Lombok, where two of our hotels are opening their doors and welcoming us into a rich mix of cultures. Lastly, in Generation Zeitgeist, we reflect on youth attitudes towards travel, and ponder on how they are inspiring a global audience of hospitality makers.

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“Travel has the power to render the ordinary extraordinary, to unlock within us a sense of hedonism: the pursuit and experience of pleasure, in its infinite forms”

Rosie Flanagan

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Directions is our magazine published every second year, spotlighting new perspectives in travel, culture, design, ecology, and architecture. In our boldest and most playful edition yet, we explore the spectrum of pleasure within travel, and look at what is influencing some of the spirited and energetic communities around the world.

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