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Portugal’s New Hangout for Modern Bohemians

Design, Food

KV Immerso SP

Words Vidula KotianDate 25 September 2023

Long known as a world-class surfing destination—it is, after all, Europe’s first surf reserve—Ericeira is attracting a new breed of traveler, one who loves nature, connection, quality, and good food.

A new outpost in this idyllic undulating landscape, bookended by the glittering Atlantic Ocean, is our latest member in Portugal, Immerso. Located less than an hour from Lisbon, the 37-room hotel describes rightly itself as a sensory experience inviting you to feel, pause, and breathe.

01 Immerso SP

Nature is the inspiration behind the hotel

02 Immerso SP

Panels produced by Iva Viana for the rooms

The appeal to the senses here is found both inside and out, the sustainable architecture of local architect Tiago Silva Dias and the expansive landscape in which it is set. Evoking the silhouette of waves, a curved shape is used in different areas of the hotel, such as the panel in the lobby by Iva Viana or the ceiling in the rooms. Your olfactory faculties are teased by Lourenço Lucena, the only Portuguese member of the International Society of Perfumer-Creators, who has translated the scents of the ocean’s deep blue and the stillness of the wildlife. There’s even a distinct sound identity created by Elvis Veiguinha for the hotel.

03 Immerso SP

Every space features pieces from contemporary artists

04 Immerso SP

The pool offers front-row seats to the stunning sunsets

05 Immerso SP

The spa offers treatments with Vinoble Cosmetics

Helmed by chef Alexandre Silva from Lisbon’s Michelin-starred Loco restaurant, Immerso’s dining spaces stem from its conscious, local, and natural philosophy. At Emme, the chef introduces an Atlantic-based cuisine through traditional recipes and products, with fish from nearby Berlenga and Ericeira, the saline-tasting plants of those areas, and the hotel’s own organic vegetable garden. Emme on Fire is an outdoor, communal dining experience based on food cooked over an open fire. Even the drinks on offer nod to the Atlantic: the wines are exclusively Portuguese with a special focus on natural and biodynamic wines from the western region. Two craft beers were produced in partnership with Vadia inspired by the hotel’s surroundings.

06 Immerso SP

The chef considers the area to be “Portugal’s biggest vegetable garden”

07 Immerso SP

The Atlantic is referenced in the drinks menu

The region’s cultural diversity allows Immerso to offer a wide array of experiences, such as lessons with world-renowned local surfer Tiago Pires, tailormade horse riding trips through the Mafra region, visits to wine estates and workshops, sea fishing, and getting your hands dirty in the hotel garden. All in all, the hotel is very much in line with the new direction Ericeira is taking—a port of call for conscious nature-loving travelers.

08 Immerso SP

Immerso is part of a natural scenery near Ericeira and its community, which is why it established several partnerships with locals

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